Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The day i realized that lose u is the best fate 4 me..

I had been hoping a miracle will accure suddenly that i can gaze your face and ensure everythhing is not your fault,i would try to think that these all is about our destiny that no one could ever change what i dream,if i have chance to meet you..i'll hold you on until my death.let u redeem the love that i have never found from you.And our life will go smoothly as a relation between a daughter&her father.

listen dad......hear my voice from your deepest heart as i m your daughter,''I WILL NEVER EVER PUT OR EVEN DREAM THAT HOPE ANYMORE".The minute i know that you are fully exist in this world and you knew about my existing,but you have been pretending like i died twenty years ago.

I just realized that i actually have dad's love from someone whom sent to me to be a perfect dad for me.He is the only father that i have in this world and here after.Sometimes I dont know how to thank to him for giving me a fully right to feel that i m alife..